Once Upon a Palin Rally . . .

by Jay Nordlinger

The new wave of talk about Obama and redistribution has taken me down Memory Lane. Late in the last campaign, many on the left claimed that someone at a Sarah Palin rally had shouted something racist about Obama: had shouted, “He’s a [N-word]!” This was proof positive, you see, that we Republicans were Klansmen.

Unfortunately for the Left, there was videographic evidence. What the Palin supporter had shouted was, “He’s a redistributor!” Oops. But people often hear what they want to hear. And the Left was dying to hear a racial epithet (the worst word in our language, in my opinion).

Michelle Malkin, that noble warrioress, was all over this case. And I now have a question: If Obama himself says he’s a redistributor, is that cool?

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