Their Stripes, and Ours

by Jay Nordlinger

In a note below, I spoke of “Our Stripes,” the flag the Obama campaign is selling. It’s not “our stripes,” meaning Old Glory, as we have long known it. It’s “Our Stripes” — a not-quite-American flag, a special Obama flag, with the Obama symbol where the stars should go. The whole flag has a soft, arty look. And that gave me a memory.

At the Democratic convention in 1988, image-meisters did away with the traditional red, white, and blue. They went for something softer — more television-friendly, they thought. The next month, at the Republican convention, Tom Kean went to town on it. He was the governor of New Jersey, and the Republicans’ keynoter. He said,

. . . they changed red to pink, blue to azure, and the white to eggshell. Well, I don’t know about you, but I believe Americans — Democrat and Republican alike — have no use for pastel patriotism.

But the liberal Democrats are trying to hide more than the colors of our flag — they are trying to hide their true colors.

They want higher taxes. But they won’t say so. They want to weaken America. But they won’t admit it. And they want to play the politics of special interests.

Tell it, Tom. (For his text, go here.)

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