Easy Targets

by Jay Nordlinger

In today’s Impromptus, I discuss a column by Bret Stephens, “possibly the greatest column in the history of columns.” It’s called “Muslims, Mormons and Liberals.”

You know The Book of Mormon — not the actual book, but the Broadway show. It mocks the Mormons and their religion every which way. Including in vulgar, sexual, and blasphemous ways. It is, of course, a monster hit. It has raked in millions of dollars, nine Tony awards, and legions of fans. They have laughed their backsides off. Attending last year was our secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

And when that schlub of a videomaker in California was rude to Islam, what did Secretary Clinton say? “Disgusting and reprehensible.” The guy was also carted off by a posse of lawmen at midnight.

A reader now informs me of an interesting story: The Mormon Church has purchased ad space in the program for the Broadway show’s L.A. production. One of the ads features a smiling woman and the words “The book is always better.”

Touché. An example of turning the other cheek, cleverly.

In a 2002 Impromptus, I wrote, “How much money would you pay to see the makers of The Last Temptation of Christ make a similar film about the Prophet Muhammad? How long would they be alive? An hour? An hour and fifteen minutes?”

No one will ever make, or perform in, a Broadway show called Koran — i.e., an equivalent show to The Book of Mormon. The authors and performers would have a hard time remaining alive.

Instead, people will continue to laugh like crazy at the Mormons, as our country goes down the tubes, the world explodes, and we bemoan what a klutzy candidate Mitt Romney is. 

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