Ann Romney’s Good Instincts

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I liked her honesty, a bit of a plea, paraphrased: We’re trying here to serve, please help us do so. Let’s work together, for once. 

It’s real. 

And does it bug you more than Michelle Obama complaining about piano and sport-supplement costs in Zanesville in 2008? Or told us Barack with not allow us to continue to be our ignorant selves?

By the way: The last time she expressed some exasperation with the media was on the returns; she contended that releases would just lead to more focus on the relatively unimportant, compared to the national stewardship issues at stake. Her instinct was proven right in the first reactions on MSNBC, which can be summed up as: Too little, too late, Mr. Moneybags. 

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