by Mark Steyn

A couple of weeks back, I had occasion to mention one Geoffrey Dunn of the Huffington Post, after he dismissed Clint Eastwood as just another bitter old white male Republican racist. That would be the Clint Eastwood who dated a black woman in The Eiger Sanction, made a biopic of the black saxophonist Charlie Parker, helped make black vocalist Roberta Flack a No. 1 pop star, etc. Not to mention (although only among the creepy neo-apartheid all-race-all-the-time American left does one have to) that his actual wife is African-Hawaiian-Japanese.

Today the pasty white Mr. Dunn returns to double down on his weird obsessions. Racism is everywhere in the Republican party:

Only a blabbering fool like Mark Steyn could deny the swirling hurricane.

When I wrote my original column, I said that I happened to be overseas, from which vantage the indestructible racial obsessions of American liberalism seemed extremely peculiar. They seem even more cobwebbed and parochial today, when there is an actual “swirling hurricane” out there: From Tunisia to Indonesia, persons of every conceivable hue are raining down curses on Obama; they’re burning his effigy in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, and beyond; Indian protesters wave placards showing Obama as a monkey. But only in America are Obama’s critics “racist”, and warnings of “swirling hurricanes” are reserved for the apparent epidemic of “empty chair lynchings.”

Thus, the “pansy left,” in Orwell’s designation: They’re fearless when it comes to fighting imaginary, phantom enemies. Not so useful for the ones actually out there.

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