Senegal’s Senate Abolished in Name of Fiscal Responsibility

by Patrick Brennan

If on January 20, a President Romney were to find himself with a still-Democratic Senate and a Republican house, maybe he’ll be tempted to emulate Senegal’s new president:

Senegalese MPs have voted to abolish the senate as part of moves to help the victims of recent deadly floods.

President Macky Sall has said the money reserved for the upper house – about $15m (£9.5m) – will also go towards preventing further flooding.

But critics say the aim is to weaken the opposition as most of the senators were supporters of the ex-president.

The 100 senators had fought to be retained, but lost the vote in the joint session of parliament.

The new president is merely consolidating his power base after his powerful predecessor’s surprising defeat and retirement this year, but hey, that’s just Fulani-style fiscal conservatism for you.

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