Where Are the Women?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Surely you remember that question, key to the rise of “reproductive health” rock star Sandra Fluke, supposedly answered only by the ladies of the Democratic convention, who stand enthusiastically with the president in insisting that religious institutions and individuals comply with curtailed religious liberty in the name of a radical redefinition of what basic health is. Well, there are plenty of women here, insisting that “invoking ‘women’s health’ to shout down deeply held beliefs is a mistake”:


Madeline: “Be wary of the Obama administration . . . who else will he force to violate their religious speech?”

Rachel: “Fertility is not a disease.”#more#


Mary Rose: “The Catholic Church does not impose these beliefs . . . but [our right to practice them] is being infringed upon”  


Read my interview today with Helen M. Alvaré, editor of the new book Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves, an outgrowth of the Women Speak for Themselves letter to the president (which first appeared on National Review Online) protesting the HHS mandate’s assault on religious liberty (34,000 women’s signatures and counting).

Plenty of women defend religious liberty and they have been for months. Will you join them in the next 40 or so days, sharing what we’ve known and believed about religious liberty? Educating about the choices this election? 

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