Re: It is Not an ‘Interdependent World’

by Mark Steyn

Andy, re all that “interdependedness” the President was going on about yesterday, one of the best responses to that came a few days after 9/11 from some bloke called Lowry after Edward Said had been peddling the usual hooey about the “interconnectedness” of Islam and the west, and how they’re so “intertwined” that it’s impossible to “draw the line” between them. I quote Rich’s reply on page 138 of my book, America Alone:

Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, wasn’t impressed by this notion. “The line seems pretty clear,” he said. “Developing mass commercial aviation and soaring skyscrapers was the west’s idea; slashing the throats of stewardesses and flying the planes into the skyscrapers was radical Islam’s idea.”

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