Bush Is Now More Popular than Romney

by Katrina Trinko

George W. Bush has favorable ratings of 46 percent and unfavorable ratings of 49 percent among adults in the new Bloomberg poll. In contrast, Mitt Romney has favorable ratings of 43 percent and unfavorable ratings of 50 percent. President Obama is doing better than either of them, with favorable ratings of 52 percent and unfavorables of 44 percent.

Among likely voters, Obama is at 49 percent and Romney at 43 percent. The partisan breakdown is 36 percent Republican, 38 percent Democrat, and 21 percent independent. 

Romney has a slight edge on who would be better at creating jobs, with 47 percent of likely voters choosing him and 45 percent Obama. Voters also think that Romney would be better than Obama on gas prices. However, when it comes to improving economic conditions specifically for the middle class, Obama leads by 5 points, 49 percent to 44 percent. 

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