Theo Con

by John J. Miller

Regina Conley at The College Fix:

A recent panel at Catholic University – billed as nonpartisan – instead offered only left-leaning professors who denied a growing anti-Catholic sentiment among Democrats and claimed most Catholics don’t care much about Democrats’ support of same-sex marriage or pro-abortion health insurance mandates.

The political science professors also claimed Catholic women prefer President Barack Obama to Republican nominee Mitt Romney, that the Republican Party fails to provide policies favorable to Catholics, and that Catholics don’t necessarily vote based on their ideologies.

The professors tapped to lead Thursday night’s “Catholic Vote” panel at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. all teach at the private college. They included John Kenneth White, a frequent Huffington Post commentator and author of “Barack Obama’s America”; Matthew Green, a Roll Call contributor who wrote Speaker Nancy Pelosi was “a strong candidate for historical greatness”; and Stephen Schneck, national co-chairman for Catholics for Obama.

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