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WaPo Doesn’t Mention Poll Showing Romney Down by Double Digits Has 8-Point Margin of Error


I noted this morning that the scarcity of details about a Washington Post/ABC News poll showing Mitt Romney trailing President Obama by 11 points in swing states meant the results should be taken with some skepticism. Well, now Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin reports on why those results should be taken carefully: “As I learned from Post pollster Jon Cohen, that finding is based on the responses of a total of 160 people, and it has a margin of error of 8 percentage points.”

A margin of error of 8 percentage points is huge — not sure if I’ve ever seen a poll with that large a margin. Yet nowhere in the Post story about the poll is there any mention of the sample size or that enormous margin of error.

UPDATE: Asked for response, Washington Post referred me to this post by their pollster here that addresses the topic.