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Preview of Tonight’s Hannity Video: Obama’s ‘Other Race Speech’


Via Politico, which posted this tape four years ago, a preview of the video the Drudge Report is teasing, which we’re told will air on tonight’s Hannity.

UPDATE: USA Today’s contemporaneous coverage of the speech, delivered at the Hampton University Ministers’ Conference in 2007, is here. The article notes that Obama warned of a riot among blacks – akin to those that occurred in Los Angeles in 1992 – that would occur as a result of the government’s botched handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Buzzfeed has posted what they believe are clips of the speech here.  I initially wrote that this was the full video and have corrected that.

Update II: The transcript of Senator Obama’s prepared remarks for this event can be found here. The remarks Drudge is teasing are off script.  On script, Obama calls Rev. Wright “the best teacher I ever had.”


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