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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret Baier |Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On whether the growing questions about the Benghazi attack in any way affect the president:

It directly involves the president and the foreign policy of the administration. Of course it affects the president because just a week earlier they had been proclaiming the death of bin Laden, of course, and by implication and often by statement — at Charlotte over and over again — how they had decimated and removed the threat from Al Qaeda.

This [attack on the consulate] is a direct takedown of that claim.

So it answers the question — all the stuff that is coming out now, about the lack of security for the embassy, the ignoring the threats, the growth of AQIM (that’s Al Qaeda in North Africa) the fact that there were 12 attacks on the embassy in the previous months, including one on April 6, in which two former security guards who had worked on our side of the fence tossed homemade IEDs into the compound. So, all of that is ignored. The growth of AQIM – Al Qaeda in the region– is ignored. The warnings coming out of the embassy and the pleading for security is ignored. And you’re going to tell me, Juan [Williams], this isn’t affecting the administration and its claims about Al Qaeda?

The mystery here is: Why would you go out and have our ambassador to the U.N. on five channels create a fairytale about all of this being an outgrowth of a demonstration over a video?

The answer is you want to cover up all the security lapses, the intelligence lapses, ignoring of the threat. And the fact that… if you want to use the phrase of Joe Biden: bin Laden dead, Al Qaeda alive.

On the Obama administration telling employers whose government contracts will be affected by sequestration to ignore the WARN Act requiring them to notify their employees of impending mass layoffs:

Juan [Williams] is saying: You don’t want panic or anxiety? The union allies of the president who have for years demanded a law like this have argued it’s not an instrument of producing anxiety or panic, it’s a way to fairly prepare an employee for a layoff so that he can then prepare for another job or make other arrangements. So it obviously undercuts that. It is absolutely lawless. And it is something I would not be surprised that this administration — that specializes in lawlessness — would do.

On the upcoming debate:

There is one bit of repair he’s going to have to do. Amid all the attacking, the reason that his numbers are so much worse in the swing states than they are in the national polls is because of six months of [Democratic] advertising that he [Romney] wants to cut the taxes for the rich and to tax the middle class.

You see ad after ad, and they are both false. I think he needs to look at the camera straight, explain in a sentence or two why each is completely false, and to then turn to the president and ask him how he can premise his entire election on a way of presenting the Romney position that is so at odds with the truth….

That is something he has to do because those images of him as cutting the taxes to the rich — and putting burden on the middle class — is killing him.

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