Asked and Answered

by Michael Walsh

Charles, I found Senator Graham’s wan question, “Why are the Democrats not upset about the precedent?” to be both risible and pathetic. The precedent being President Obama’s end-run around the WARN act, which requires companies to notify employees of coming layoffs, and Lockheed’s craven capitulation to his edict that companies should knowingly violate an act of Congress. To ask the question is to answer it: The Democrats aren’t upset because they don’t expect to lose the election or, perhaps in their wildest triumphalist fantasies, any future election.

Defense-contractor layoffs in the wake of sequestration would be an inconvenient truth with an election coming up, especially as many of the workers with their heads on the chopping block would be in Virginia, a swing state that Obama desperately needs. So better to keep the chumps on the job, blissfully ignorant of the fate shortly about to befall them, and skate past the next election when — as he has already conveyed to Vladimir — he’ll have even more flexibility to deal with Congress the way, say, the Roman emperors dealt with their pesky senators. Just ask this guy.

You know things must be dire when even Lindsay Graham can hear the drumbeats of the “march toward an imperial presidency.” 

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