One in Four Voters May Change Vote Based on Debate

by Katrina Trinko

Resurgent Republic has some comments on one interesting result from their recent poll, conducted with Democracy Corps for NPR:

Nearly one-quarter of the electorate says what happens during the Presidential debate could affect their vote, a percentage significantly higher than those who are still undecided. President Obama holds a slight edge with these voters (47 to 43 percent), but this is a subgroup well suited for Governor Romney. They are more likely to be Independent (45 percent) than Republican (28 percent), or Democrat (26 percent). Two-thirds feel the country is on the wrong track, a higher percentage than the national electorate. Majorities disapprove of President Obama’s job performance and handling of the economy.Moreover, by 47 to 38 percent, they believe Governor Romney will do a better job on the economy.

Romney proved himself to be a capable debater during the primary, but he’ll want to really make a positive impact on these voters tonight.

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