Madden Confident about Wednesday-Night Clash

by Robert Costa

Denver — Kevin Madden, a senior Romney adviser, has been roaming around the debate site all day. He’s feeling pretty confident about tonight, mostly due to the fact that debate prep has gone smoothly. Back at the hotel, Romney is reportedly relaxed and ready.

“The governor really sees this as an opportunity,” Madden says. “So many voters have heard about him through 30-second ads or 30-second sound bites on the news. This is a chance for him to talk to them in an unfiltered way about why he is running.”

How important is it for Romney to emerge unscathed? “It’s part of this closing performance over the next 34 days,” Madden says. “We’re going to have four debates, including the VP debate, and that is one part of the conversation that we’re going to be having with voters in a debate setting.”

Giving voters a sense of Romney’s policy positions is also crucial, Madden says. “The governor will offer some specifics on tax reform, tax cuts, and he’ll talk about some specifics on energy and bringing down health-care costs,” he predicts. “He will also mention how the debt and deficit have exploded under the president and he’ll discuss his plan for getting that under control.”

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