Romney Grabs Middle Class Issue and Runs

by Lisa Schiffren

Okay, he isn’t asking a question, as directed, but Mitt is on fire, doing precisely what he should have done from the start. He grabbed the central issue of economic policy — how to maintain and bolster the middle class. Not going to give too many breaks to the rich. The middle class is hurting. The rest of his speech here is smart, coherent, and passionate. All good, but my guess is that many people tune out after the first few paragraphs. Obama, is lower key than usual tonight. His claim that he has already lowered taxes on the middle class, as promised, effectively doubles down on his larger claim that his policies are working. Real people know, in their pockets, whether that is or is not true. Mitt explains his tax plan with verve and passion — and humor. That line about kids lying and expecting him to believe it is Reaganesque. Obama sounds unsure, and is stuck repeating points from debate prep.

There is a conversation about how numerate Obama really is.  He clearly does not have the facility with numbers or tax policy that Romney has. Lawyer vs. Businessman.

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