Romney Knows Details Inside Out and Backward

by Lisa Schiffren

Teenager reports that someone just tweeted “Worst episode of Suits ever.” Well, yes.

Romney understands Dodd Frank. Not so clear that Obama does. After all, he wasn’t a real lawyer, like the guys on Suits.

Romney’s first weak answer is his explanation of why he wants to repeal Obamacare. He took a long way to get to “too expensive.” The problem with Obama’s response is that he falls into the trap of competing anecdotes from citizens about insurance being too expensive. Yes. We know.

The president is having a hard time listing the provisions and benefits of his signature policy. Took too long to zinging Romney with “Romneycare” as a successful model.

Romney is doing a better job than ever before explaining the differences between the Mass healthcare plan and the national one.He’s talking about the politics of it — bipartisan vs. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama — a smart idea, or inside baseball?

Obama is spending too much time trying to pin the origin of Obamacare on Republicans. That comes off as smart-ass and defensive. Followed by allegations of the depredations of insurance companies against poor sick people. Clichés. I’d bet civilians tune out for the substance of his arguments. He is falling prey to the debater’s weakness of getting down into the weeds. 

Romney – 1) Pre-existing conditions are covered. 2) keep kids on plans. 3) Bring down costs. 4) Using Obama’s Cleveland Clinic example against him, because it is a private entity: Wow. Excellent debate prep. He is just flying along, speaking compellingly, and he’s fully focused on the details, which he knows inside and out. That is mastery. It is the kind of leadership we believe (via Hollywood) that CEOs offer.

The visuals show a confident, broad-shouldered, fully adult leader in his prime, and a younger, somewhat querelous debater, with a tiny edge of whine beginning to appear at the edges of his voice.

Also, red ties look better than blue against a blue background.

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