by Jay Nordlinger

I have a longish Impromptus on the debate — but I promise the items are very short! — and I conclude by saying that a debate, like so much else in life, is an expectations game. A lot of people are saying today, “Golly, Romney’s good! Where did that come from?” I wonder whether they observed the primaries at all. Romney can do significantly better than he did last night: He can be crisper, more commanding, and more moving (as he was in the debates when he talked about being a church volunteer and counseling those who had lost their jobs). He left a lot on the table last night, as I say in my column (and as is inevitable in these affairs, no doubt).

Thing is, he’ll have to be better in the next debate — because now people are awake to the fact that Romney is impressive, and not the stiff and weakling of people’s imaginations. I can understand that the Left is surprised. I have a harder time getting conservatives.

Anyway, expectations, expectations.

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