The Money Bomb and the Stink Bomb

by Jonah Goldberg

Purely going by the mood, my e-mail and Twitter traffic, and a few conversations, I would be very surprised if the Romney campaign didn’t announce a big money bomb today after they total up the donations that came in after last night’s debate. A surprising number of people have told me that they gave Romney $50, $100 or more to Romney solely because of last night’s performance. I have to expect the big donors are having a similar reaction, with more zeros on their checks.

Also, going by the Obama campaign’s mood and desperation to change the building narrative (plus a couple interesting conversations), I would not be at all surprised if either in the next couple days or in the aftermath of a bad Biden performance, the Obama campaign comes out with some nasty piece of oppo research or some other desperate attempt to change the story. “Beware the stink bomb,” a prominent conservative journalist told me this morning.

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