The Question the Dutch Abortion Boat Captain Doesn’t Want Asked

by Wesley J. Smith

I have met Rebecca Gomperts, the abortion boat captain, who periodically makes headlines by taking her trade to countries where abortion is illegal, presently off the shores of Morocco. We both spoke at a bioethics seminar in Lisbon sponsored by Fulbright Portugal (me on assisted suicide, she abortion). After her presentation, an audience member asked Gomperts when she thought a fetus had developed sufficiently to attain moral standing.

Gomperts had no idea. Pressed further, she said it is not for her to say. When the audience member suggested that as an abortionist, and given her direct participation in the lethal act, surely she had at least considered the question in her heart. Gomperts angrily responded, and this is very close to a quote, ”That is not a question that should ever be asked.”

Well, that’s one way to shut down your conscience.

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