Use Serotonin to Remedy Electoral Dysfunction

by Wesley J. Smith

The New York Times Sunday Review is getting odder and odder. This week, in an article entitled ”Is America Man Enough to Vote?” Victoria Bassetti cites a 2009 study showing that male voters for McCain in ’08 suffered reduced testosterone from the humiliation of supporting the losing candidate, while Obama males enjoyed increased hormonal virility to the point, one researcher speculated, there could be an “Obama baby boom.”

This could have significant civic ramifications because the testosterone deprived are more likely to stop voting “because it hurts too much.” The study — which she admits could (!) be absurd — suggests serotonin as a potential remedy because of its ability to help us “absorb disappointment.” 

The preceding is all just a many paragraphed pretext for some standard issue NYT/Dem talking points about supposed voter suppression:

Americans are struggling with a severe case of electoral dysfunction. They have to navigate bureaucratic hurdles needed to cast a ballot — the hassles of getting and staying registered, finding the polling station, standing in long lines, deciphering ballots and complying with much contested and confusing ID requirements. New restrictions on early voting, limitations on voter registration initiatives and voter roll purges contribute to the dysfunction.

Yes, it’s sooo hard for victim voters to cast ballots in this country. Impediments at every turn.

Methinks the NYT’s editors are the ones needing some kind of hormone therapy for publishing this nonsense.

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