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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret BaierMonday, October 8, 2012

On the newest Pew Research Center poll showing Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama with likely voters as well as the newest Politico and Gallup polls showing the race as a tie:

Look, I think that the macro view, and the one that’s sort of the simplest, is that Romney got nothing out of Tampa. Obama got a bump, maybe three to five [percentage points] out of Charlotte. And what happened with the debate was Romney got it all back in 90 minutes in one night — and maybe even more.

I think it’s very telling the Pew poll actually has Romney ahead slightly beyond the margin of error….

 Romney — among all the voters who are extremely likely to vote — is up by six. And three weeks ago, he was down by three. That is a nine-point swing among people who will surely be out there on Election Day. So I think right now the race is tied with Romney still I think having some of the momentum from the debate….

Obama is trying to throw a lot of money at negating the effect of the debate by calling Romney a liar. Which is interesting. After a string of other excuses —  weak moderator, the stresses of office and the demands, like appearing on “The View” and raising a lot of money in Hollywood, and, of course, altitude — so now it’s that Romney is a liar and Obama was so shocked by the lies that he couldn’t speak on his own.

So now it’s the “wit of the staircase” expressed in commercials.

If you compare today with yesterday and the week before, and the week before, what you see in the Gallup, Obama was ahead before the convention and they’re now tied. It shows the movement.

The movement obviously is for Romney and, if he keeps it up, he will win.

On Romney’s foreign-policy speech Monday at the Virginia Military Institute:

It wasn’t a speech about Afghanistan. It was a speech about Obama and his relation with American power and preeminence. And the point was — it was subtle, but I think it was the theme of the whole speech — is that Obama is uncomfortable with either the presence, the rightness, the justice, and the use of the American pre-eminence in the region.

[Romney] will reassert it with a sense of America’s rightness — and thus the specifics will follow: Ally with your friends and support them unquestionably; oppose your enemies, unlike Obama with Iran, and oppose them unquestionably; and, in the end, provide the defense — the means and matériel — to back our word in the region.

So it’s a larger issue than just a policy here and there. And even though [the American] people aren’t aggressive in wanting to reintroduce troops in Afghanistan or Iraq — but they want a sense that America is preeminent and isn’t ashamed of it or afraid of it. And I think that’s what Romney conveyed today.

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