Re: Tagg Steps Up

by Robert Costa

Earlier today, I reported on Tagg Romney’s influence in his father’s inner circle. Tagg first rose to prominence a decade ago when he managed Kerry Healey’s campaign for lieutenant governor:

By the time Romney reentered the arena following the 2002 Winter Olympics, Tagg was eager to help his father. When Romney was running for governor later that year, he pushed for Kerry Healey, the state Republican chairman, to be on the ticket. He asked Tagg to guide Healey through a rough-and-tumble primary for lieutenant governor. Romney and his team had the money to hire an outside consultant, but they wanted Tagg, and Tagg helped Healey survive the primary, even after state Republicans endorsed her opponent at the state convention.

Healey, in an interview with National Review Online, says Tagg’s involvement in her campaign helped her politically, and solidified her relationship with her running mate. “Tagg often acts as the ambassador for his father,” she says. “When Mitt suggested that Tagg be my campaign manager, I knew I was being welcomed into the Romney family.”

On the trail, “Tagg kept the campaigns in sync,” Healey recalls. “He was also very innovative, and he spent at a lot of time looking at new methods of approaching voters, such as micro-targeting. That wasn’t very well known at the time, but he was interested in that, and he enlisted micro-targeting advisers to help our campaign.”

After Romney and Healey were elected, Tagg returned to the private sector. But a decade later, he and Healey are working together again. Healey’s latest assignment: playing ABC’s Martha Raddatz during Paul Ryan’s debate prep. “I don’t know her personally, so I had to speculate,” Healey chuckles. “But I did watch a number of her news reports.”

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