Words in Their Mouths

by Jay Nordlinger

Somewhere in Impromptus today, I make a little statement that I say I wish Romney or Ryan would make, in one of the debates. You know partisans: We’re always wishing our candidates would make certain statements. Maybe nonpartisans have the same wishes sometimes too.

Anyway, my statement is along the lines of, “The Democrats are always talking about fairness and compassion. But there’s nothing fair or compassionate about economic collapse. It’s brutal — especially for the poor. And the Democrats will do nothing, absolutely nothing, about economic collapse. They’d rather sit and call us a bunch of plutocrats and ogres.”

Readers have now sent in their own statements, for Romney or Ryan to make. All God’s chillen got statements. One of them goes something like this:

“Obama and Biden are always saying that our philosophy is, ‘You’re on your own.’ Well, that’s not quite it: We believe in helping others, though the government doesn’t always have to do it — especially the federal government. But we also think that people ought to have some independence in their lives. The ability to choose their own insurance. Their own car. Their own lightbulbs! Schools for their own children. Obama and Biden think that, without their wisdom, our society would degenerate into Lord of the Flies. It ain’t so.”

Amen — but we have to watch that independence stuff. A lot of people like to be told what to do, though they may not be conscious of it. (We all like to be told what to do sometimes, don’t we? Independent cusses are relatively few.) Let me quote the great Susan Sarandon, on Obama: “He is a community organizer like Jesus was, and now we’re a community and he can organize us.”


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