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Prediction: Biden Can’t Lose


I’m serious: When you’re already a walking punch line, when millions are tuning in and hoping to hear you thank the “people of Danbury” for hosting the debate, when nobody takes anything you say seriously — how can you “lose” a debate?

Assuming Joe Biden doesn’t foam at the mouth or insist that we need to invade Narnia, what could he possibly say that would be so irrational, so nonsensical that people would go “Ooooh — that’s bad!”?

Joe Biden will be competent. Many will be stunned by that fact and say he had a good debate. Ryan’s challenge is to do “surprisingly” well and walk away with a draw.

Because getting into a real debate with Biden is like getting into a barfight with a drunken bum. If he gets beaten to a pulp but hits you one good time, you lose.


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