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Go See Argo


I went to see Ben Affleck’s new movie, Argo, over the weekend and it was bloody brilliant. I would highly recommend that you go, too, so I’ve reviewed it today on the homepage:

Insofar as any film that is about political failure can be, the movie is not primarily about politics. But the troubled atmosphere of the late Seventies is unavoidably pervasive. (Whoever designed the clothes and sets takes some of the credit for this, and deserves an Oscar.) Jimmy Carter makes occasional cameo appearances via vintage news footage, and his weakness is palpable. And while the Carter–Reagan themes that many have attempted to impose on this year’s election are, by and large, based more on desire than on any serious historical parallel, Argo inadvertently serves as a strong reminder of just how embarrassed the United States was by Tehran in the final year of Carter’s only administration.

The whole review is here.


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