Maybe Pennsylvania Really Is in Play

by Katrina Trinko

I’m a skeptic about Pennsylvania being a genuine pick-up opportunity for the Romney campaign — this is a state that in election after election is described as swing, yet hasn’t voted for a Republican candidate since 1988. But here is one signal that I may be wrong: the Obama campaign is concerned enough about the state that I have received three e-mails in the past few days (the first one on Thursday) from the campaign asking me to leave New York and volunteer in Pennsylvania. Here’s the latest e-mail, sent to me today:


Katrina — Pennsylvania could use a hand right now. The other side is hitting our airwaves hard with an onslaught of negative ads. But while our opponents are primarily focused on that, we’re on the ground, talking to people about the issues they care about and how President Obama and other Democrats can help them. With just 21 days left, we’re counting on you to pitch in. Come join us in Pennsylvania where we’ll head out into local neighborhoods to knock on doors and have one-on-one conversations with voters about what’s at stake in this election. Want to pitch in here in Pennsylvania on Saturday? Here are the details:

What: Pennsylvania neighbor state weekend of action Meet at: OFA Headquarters New York, NY 10018 When: Saturday, October 20th Starting at 7:00 am

You’ll meet some great, like-minded people — both fellow volunteers and field staff — and work with them to encourage Pennsylvanians to support President Obama and other Democrats. And the trip to Pennsylvania is easy — if you need a ride, we’ll help you find a carpool. Join us for our canvass on Saturday and help connect with voters in Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Edna Edna Ishayik Pennsylvania Deputy Field Director Organizing for America

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