Your Papers, Little Girl

by Mark Steyn

Re Arizona’s supposed crackdown on illegal immigration, President Obama just said he objected to asking people for ID because he wouldn’t want somebody asking his daughter for her papers just because they thought she might not be a citizen. Very touching, I’m sure.

My own daughter is required by federal law to have her Green Card on her at all times, even when she’s walking in the woods behind our house. Indeed, only the other month, a snotty twerp of a Customs officer at Derby Line, Vt., threatened me that, if ICE agents came to my daughter’s school and she didn’t have her Green Card on her, they could deport her.

But then she’s merely a legal immigrant, rather than one of the sainted “undocumented.”

President Obama doesn’t seem to be aware of his own laws — even when, as in this case, they were enacted by a Democrat (FDR).

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