Romney Misses Chance to Educate About Obamacare

by Wesley J. Smith

I thought Romney won the debate 51–49. But it could have been so much more if he had discussed Obamacare beyond its threat to small business.

  • Obamacare centralizes control of healthcare into the federal bureaucracy; 
  • Obamacare is being used as a cudgel to crush religious liberty, particularly among entrepreneurs, with the Obama administration arguing in court briefs that religious freedom does not apply in the context of running a business;
  • Obamacare’s IPAB is the cornerstone for a bureaucratic state, with the prescription of unelected bureaucrats even trumping a presidential veto;
  • Obamacare steals from Medicare, etc. etc. etc. 

Having debated often, second-guessing is easy; being on stage is hard. But I second-guess nonetheless.

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