Hillsdale College’s History 101

by John J. Miller

Hillsdale College is now offering a free online course called History 101: Western Heritage. It’s based on a course that every Hillsdale student must take:

“History 101: Western Heritage – From the Book of Genesis to John Locke” is a free, ten-week, not-for-credit online course offered by Hillsdale College. This online course covers such topics as Hebrew civilization, classical Greece and Rome, the advent and spread of Christianity, the Renaissance and Reformation, the scientific enlightenment, and the English Revolution of 1688, whose principles will later inspire America’s founders. Lectures are delivered and Q&A sessions conducted by members of Hillsdale’s history department faculty, and readings are drawn from the Western Heritage reader used in the Western Heritage core course taught on Hillsdale’s campus.

I have a small part in the fun, as the inquisitor in weekly Q&A sessions with Hillsdale profs.

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