Romney Seven Points Ahead in Gallup Poll

by Katrina Trinko

In today’s Gallup, Mitt Romney has a significant lead over President Obama among likely voters: seven points. Romney is at 52 percent to Obama’s 45 percent.

So what’s going on? I talked to Frank Newport, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, who warned that poll watchers should be careful to remember that Gallup’s daily number is an average of seven days. “It takes a while for any impact, in say the debate Tuesday night, to percolate through,” Newport says. “I think we’re just still seeing the positive enthusiasm on the part of the Romney  people that came out at the first debate, and I think it’s too early to tell what’s going to happen” as a result of the second debate.

Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende speculates that one day’s polling may have been very different:

Former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi thinks Democrats shouldn’t brush off the Gallup results:

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