Obama’s True Colors

by Jamie M. Fly

Tonight, President Obama revealed his true colors. He has often pursued suspect policies couched in soaring rhetoric. And now Governor Romney has highlighted the results: A Middle East in chaos, Iran four years closer to a nuclear weapon, tens of thousands of dead in Syria, a halfhearted strategy in Afghanistan, an empowered Russia and China. America’s enemies emboldened and allies desperate for leadership. All President Obama could do was cling to his ending of the war in Iraq and try to defend his cuts to the U.S. military.

Six months ago, no one believed that Governor Romney would actually be able to challenge Obama’s leadership on national security because of the president’s counterterrorism successes, but that is exactly what he has done. On the eve of the debate, a Washington Post/ABC News poll gave President Obama just a 3 percent lead on whom voters trusted to handle international affairs. Tonight, Governor Romney passed the commander-in-chief test with flying colors. President Obama’s national-security trump card is gone, leaving him with few accomplishments to take to the voters in the final weeks of the campaign.  

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