If ‘Technology’ Means Fewer Guns, It Also Means Less Butter

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Apropos Obama’s implication that the Navy doesn’t need new ships because the new ones are so efficient, an NRO commenter named CMP2 writes:

So then I guess we don’t need all those extra firemen, policemen, and teachers Obama wants. In fact, we can start cutting back to below 1916 levels for each because technology has advanced so much since then that each is far more freaking powerful than their 1916 counterparts.

What’s a hand-powered water pump compared to a big shiny new fire truck and high-pressure hydrant?

What’s a Model-T compared to a modern police cruiser? Or a revolver to a 9×19mm Parabellum? Or the old stakeout to electronic surveillance?

And with all the new bells and whistles teachers have with computers and tablets and electronics and interactive software, surely the consequent increases in teaching efficiency have enabled a teacher from today to do the job of some multiple of teachers from the chalk-and-blackboard days.

I’m glad we’re in agreement about the wonders of modern technology.

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