Re ‘Litigious Laureate’

by Jay Nordlinger

Mark, you remind me of that line from Dorothy Parker, which is one of Roger Kimball’s favorites, and is now one of mine: “And I am Marie of Roumania.”

P.S. Readers have written to say something sad but true: A great many climate scientists in the world claim to be Nobel laureates, based on their contributions, of whatever size, to the IPCC. Ah, well: If you can’t do what Andrei Sakharov or Mother Teresa did, you can at least do what these scientists do. Though why anyone would own up to association with the IPCC, after the “Climategate” revelations of 2009, I don’t know. I’m a pretty cynical guy. (Working on that.) But even I was amazed when I read those e-mails, those CRU e-mails. Beyond shameless. Something you might find in a lowdown political campaign, rather than a scientific institute. Lee Atwater would have blushed.

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