The Double Standard on Women

by Charles C. W. Cooke

So, just to recap: Women are supposed to vote with their “lady parts.” But when CNN runs a piece citing a study that hypothesizes that they could actually do just that, it’s so offensive that it needs to be removed. Jezebel, which has jumped on the “war on women” story with almost unmatched abandon, was particularly offended. Meanwhile, affirmative action is a Good Thing. But when Romney answers a town hall question explaining that he actively looked for women to fill roles in Massachusetts’s government, he’s patronizing and misogynistic and unmeritocratic and deserves to be mocked by a widespread “binders full of women” meme that doesn’t even make sense. I see.

Bette Davis once said that “when a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a b****.” One might add to the aphorism that when a Republican gives an opinion about women, they’re whatever it is politically convenient for them to be.

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