No, Mr. President, Planned Parenthood Really Doesn’t Offer Mammograms

by Katrina Trinko

On Jay Leno’s show earlier this week, President Obama said, “You’ve got issues like Planned Parenthood, where that organization provides millions of women cervical-cancer screenings, mammograms, all kinds of basic health care.”

Well, in a fact check today, the Washington Post gave that claim three pinocchios:

The problem here is that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms or even possess the necessary equipment to do so. As such, the organization certainly does not “provide” mammograms in the strict sense. Instead, its clinics provide referrals and direct low-income women toward resources to help pay for the procedure.

And our own Eliana Johnson called up several Planned Parenthoods earlier this month … and none of them would give her a mammogram:

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