by Jay Nordlinger

In Impromptus today, I mention I saw a man in a Romney-Ryan T-shirt on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Could have been an innocent tourist. I’m not really sure. All I know is, my eyes popped out, and I was slightly concerned for his safety.

After writing my column, I thought of a line from the old song “Chicago”: “I had the time, the time of my life. / I saw a man who danced with his wife.” In other words, a wonderment.

With some quick Googling, I discovered that “Chicago” was written in 1922 by Fred Fisher. Who he? Not having Mark Steyn handy, I Googled some more: Wikipedia says he was born Albert von Breitenbach in Cologne, in 1875.

America, what a country. Still? Yes. (That doesn’t mean I don’t want Romney and Ryan to win on November 6. You have to work pretty hard to out-doom-and-gloom me.)

P.S. “Breitenbach” means “wide brook,” basically. You remember what Beethoven said about Bach? “He wasn’t a brook, he was a whole ocean!” (or words to that effect).

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