Must-See TV . . .

by Jay Nordlinger

. . . or, Conrad the Smugness-slayer. Last night, I talked to David Pryce-Jones, who said he had watched some of the most thrilling TV one could ever watch. What was that? Conrad Black, making the rounds of interviews, in the U.K. He was interviewed, I gather, by the two most prominent television interviewers in that country: Jeremy Paxman and Adam Boulton. They are so well-known and influential, even I have heard of them.

I watched those two interviews on video: here and here. I don’t believe I have ever seen any television quite like it. Conrad avoids all the conventions — indeed, he obliterates them. He lets it all hang out. He talks like a man with nothing to lose and no one to please. He cuts through one of the most annoying qualities in any human being: smugness.

If I had my way, Conrad Black would be on television every day, unvarnished. See what you think. You won’t be sorry.

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