McCain and Kyl Fire Back in Arizona Ad

by Betsy Woodruff

A contentious ad spat in Arizona might backfire for Richard Carmona, the Democratic candidate for the Senate trying to win the seat Jon Kyl will vacate. Both men supported Carmona, formerly an independent, when he was being confirmed as George W. Bush’s surgeon general. They had good things to say about him, and those things ended up in a recent ad, which almost gives the impression that they support his candidacy for Senate. Watch it yourself here:




The one problem with the ad, though, is that McCain and Kyl emphatically do not support him any longer — not to mention that the surgeon generalship and the Senate aren’t exactly the same thing. The senators were understandably perturbed, and fired back with an ad of their own:




Real Clear Politics ranks the race as a toss-up.  

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