Krauthammer: Sandy Won’t Affect Election

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Charles Krauthammer explained on Special Report tonight why Sandy won’t affect the election:

In the end, it’s probably a wash. It’s true that President Obama acts presidential but that is what people expect in a disaster. He won’t have time to screw it up so I don’t think it’s a negative. On the other hand, Romney is in places and he gets to pack canned food and — canned food and looks as if he cares and he does. He plays in the stereotype for challenger and the president and it’s a wash on that. You could argue it takes Libya off the front pages but then again it wasn’t on the front pages in the first place. Because the main stream media who spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles on the supposed outing of a CIA agent in the Bush administration, where she was safely ensconced in Washington and never in danger has epidemic of “incuriosity” about the murder of an ambassador. So that is also a wash. Lastly, will it disrupt early voting? Which is what the obama administration wanted in states like Virginia or in Ohio? There is snowstorms in northeastern Ohio, Democratic country, as was indicated earlier, in Virginia, it hits Democratic area and a Republican area so again it’s probably a wash. It will probably be a three-day hiatus out of the political counter and will resume in a week where we were in the beginning of the week.

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