Sandy: Don’t Politicize It, But...It’s Climate Change

by Eliana Johnson

It didn’t take long for Democrats to nail down the cause of the recent hurricane. New York governor Andrew Cuomo said in a news conference: 

Part of learning from this is the recognition that climate change is a reality. Extreme weather is a reality. It is a reality that we are vulnerable, and if we are going to do our job as elected officials we are going to need to make the modifications necessary so we don’t incur this type of damage. 

California’s Henry Waxman went a step further, calling for a House hearing on Hurricane Sandy and climate change. In a letter to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, Waxman wrote:  

Hurricane Sandy is exactly the type of extreme weather event that climate scientists have said will become more frequent and more severe if we fail to reduce our carbon pollution.  That is why we are writing to request that you hold a hearing on the storm and its relation to climate change in the lame duck session.

Well, if the president is reelected and we see John Kerry appointed secretary of state, perhaps this issue will get the attention it deserves. Kerry, after all, told us earlier this year that climate change poses as much of a threat as a nuclear Iran. 

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