‘Is Christie Trying to Sink Romney?’

by Daniel Foster

I can’t tell you how many left-of-center friends I’ve had ask me this in the last 48 hours. I don’t have much to add to Bob’s good piece on the subject, but in short, this is a very silly idea.

Christie simply isn’t a grand-strategizing, massively ambitious guy in this particular way. He thinks he could be president someday, but he decidedly didn’t think he was ready for the job in 2012, and he said as much, as candidly,  to anybody who bothered to ask him. Nor do I think he’s plotting for 2016 already. Maybe, maybe he’s spending some time thinking about 2013. About beating, or better yet, preventing, a Cory Booker challenge. And being seen as arm-in-arm with POTUS in a (so far) successful disaster response in black Atlantic City could help in that endeavor.

But let’s be clear. Christie likes Romney. I saw him, dynamic as ever, open for Romney in Exeter, N.H., when Romney still looked like a loser. He has a lot invested in Romney winning. Even as a conspiracy theory, the “sink Romney” thing would make more sense if the election weren’t close. 

Mostly I think Christie says exactly what occurs to him exactly when it occurs to him to say it. This is something that’s been obvious for years but that continues to confound politicos. Christie means what he says. There just isn’t much in the way of subtext or B.S. When he says the president did a great job, what he means is: “I asked the president to do a bunch of things and he did them. I like that.” Nothing more, nothing less.

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