Re: ‘Is Christie Trying to Sink Romney?’

by Noah Glyn

I agree with Dan that the suggestion that Christie is trying to sink Romney’s candidacy “is a very silly idea.” I would like to add one point to his post.

The degree to which Christie loves New Jersey cannot be emphasized enough. Robert E. Lee refused Lincoln’s request to lead the Union army, because he couldn’t bring himself to fight against Virginia. Well . . . Christie isn’t treasonous like Lee, but I can think of no politician whose love of his home state equals Christie’s. People criticized Christie’s keynote speech to the RNC for referencing his own accomplishments as governor too much. I don’t think that criticism is quite right. Christie is the ultimate promoter of New Jersey, and his speech was just another, more high-profile opportunity for Christie to share his love of his state. 

Christie is feeling what all of us in New Jersey are feeling. As of yesterday afternoon, 2 million people were still without power, including yours truly. Gas stations throughout Jersey were without gas and power. And, most significantly, the shore is gone. Christie tweeted the other day, “The Jersey Shore of my youth is gone,” and “The rides I took my kids on this summer are in the Atlantic Ocean.” These tweets broke the hearts of anyone who has spent time down the shore. Most people consider New Jersey’s shore towns to be tourist attractions, which they are, but the Jersey coast is also home to fishermen and major ports for importing goods. The shore is not just a home for “guidos” and “guidettes” to romp around. It’s an essential part of New Jersey.

Christie knows that. Which is why he’s doing everything he can to fix the damage, even if it means rubbing elbows with a political adversary. Christie isn’t doing what he’s doing to score political points. He just loves New Jersey that much. 

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