WaPo/ABC Tracking Poll: Race Tied

by Katrina Trinko

From the Washington Post:

In the latest release, 49 percent of likely voters across the country back Obama, 48 percent his Republican challenger. It’s an identical 49 to 48 percent looking across eight states identified as “tossups” by The Washington Post.

(Per Chris Cillizza, the non-rounded numbers were 48.56 percent for Obama and 48.49 percent for Romney.)

The poll also shows hat in swing states, early voters are breaking for Obama, while election day voters are breaking for Romney:

Looking across all waves of the tracking poll, swing state likely voters who said they had already voted or planned to cast early ballots break for Obama, 57 to 42 percent; those who said they would wait until Tuesday side with Romney, 54 to 43 percent.

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