Invisible Man?

by Jay Nordlinger

Last night, the grocery store next to me, here in Manhattan, was out of milk. If there had been milk, maybe I would have seen Paul Ryan’s face on a carton. Isn’t he the Republican vice-presidential nominee in this election?

I recall seeing him in his prescribed moments: the acceptance speech at the convention and the vice-presidential debate. Otherwise, I don’t recall seeing him very much. Maybe I need to be a better news-follower.

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee, I see all over the place: at rallies, on talk shows, etc. The world is mysterious to me, in so many ways. If I were the Democrats, I’d want to keep Biden under wraps. If I were the Republicans, I’d want to showcase Ryan.

But I know people are paid the big bucks to do this political work . . .

P.S. Look, as far as I’m concerned, Romney has not been visible enough either. His attacks should be sharper; his presence should be greater. I realize a challenger can’t be as visible as the president, in most circumstances. But my belief is, the two greatest assets of the Romney-Ryan ticket are Romney and Ryan. I have a feeling they’re better than their handlers. I’m an outsider, though, and often outsiders don’t know enough. Even nosy ones, like me.

Regardless, the people have enough information to vote on. More than enough. “We the people” are responsible for the outcome of the election, as always.

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