A Few Things I’ve Learned This Election Season

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Whichever candidate wins this election, here are a few things that this election has demonstrated:

There is no such thing as a post-political politician, and there never will be.

Everything is still racist.

MSNBC is more partisan than Fox News.

Americans now like bailouts.

America might be better off it it dropped bombshells on Gloria Allred and Donald Trump, rather than the other way around.

Wisconsin is a swing state once more.

Drones are uncontroversial.

Mitt Romney is pretty funny.

Bill Clinton remains a powerful actor in American politics.

The Republican party appears not to want to win control of the Senate.

Even if you are President of the United States, it is possible to run for a second term as an outsider.

Barack Obama would win easily with almost any other country’s electorate.

You can vote from space.

Americans like energy. Both candidates felt a need to outdo one another as to how much coal they could burn.

That debate is best that is moderated least.

Embracing “climate change” is political suicide.

Debates can matter.

Discussing foreign policy around election time is unacceptably “politicizing” it.

Obamacare remains unpopular.

Fact checkers don’t check facts.

The Democrats appear to have lost some of their advantage on Medicare.

The pro-Second Amendment contingent has so thoroughly won the debate over firearms that it has been rendered almost a non-issue.

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

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