This Is Crazy: UAW Miffed At Romney

by Betsy Woodruff

A newspaper reported that the head of the United Auto Workers is worried about defense cuts, so the Romney camp must be trying to pull off one last con job. At least, that’s how Bob King, the UAW’s president, sees it. As the Hill reports, the Lima News of Ohio published an open letter King himself had sent to Secretary of Defense Panetta back in October, expressing concerns about how impending defense cuts would impact Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. (Lima has a tank plant that could be hit particularly hard). King blamed the Romney campaign for the letter’s timely appearance, and said they were up to their usual “dirty tricks.” Alas, the facts may or may not actually bear that out: The paper’s editor told the Hill that the person who drew their attention to the letter was “apolitical” and just worried about the economic future of Lima.

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