Dogs Not Barking

by Jay Nordlinger

Well, at least they haven’t barked very loud. They’ve sort of yapped. For months, I thought that Obama and the Democrats — and “their allies in the media”! — would stress three things, late in the campaign. That is, if they were losing, or ahead by only a bit. If they were in danger of losing.

I thought they’d unleash 1) wealth (Romney’s), 2) religion (Romney’s), and 3) race (the nastiest card in the entire American deck). They really haven’t. In a previous post, I spoke of a “lowdown, dirty campaign” — it has been that, in many respects. Lately, I’ve been writing about Obama’s untruths, regarding taxes, oil, Planned Parenthood, Benghazi, and other things.

But — it could have been worse. The campaign could have been worse. I’m surprised we didn’t get more wealth, Mormonism, and race than we did.

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