[Insert Size Joke Here]

by Jay Nordlinger

I’ve been reading about the big crowds Mitt and Ryan have been getting, and I’m glad of it: I’m cheering for them; I hope they win. I’m glad their crowds have been big and energetic.

But here are some reflections (not to be a wet blanket): This is a big country, now topping 300 million people. You can get a big crowd for almost any point of view, and any person. Let me walk a bit down Memory Lane — to 1984.

I’m going from memory (as one does on Memory Lane), but I think I have this right: Late in October, Mondale had a rally in New York. The crowd was huge. Enormous. Mondale had been in politics a long time: a U.S. senator, a vice president. He had been on three national tickets.

And, on the dais, he turns to Senator Moynihan and says, “I know crowds. These aren’t loser’s crowds.”

Anyway — big country.

P.S. “Big Country” was George W. Bush’s nickname for Joe Allbaugh, his longtime aide. Allbaugh is a big man and grew up in a rural area, I believe.

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